7 Ways to Relieve Stress

Have you been feeling stressed lately? We all have! The world is crazy right now. There’s a pandemic happening, and it feels like there’s no end in sight. This feeling of uneasiness is perfectly ok, and you’re not a lone in this. Sometimes stress can bring anxiety into our lives, and that feeling can sometimes be harsh. Thankfully anxiety and stress is fleeting. Think of it as a roller coaster. When you have the proper tools to combat stress and anxiety, relaxation is right around the corner. I have 7 tips to manage your stress and anxiety. By using just one of these tips, I promise you will feel a difference in your overall mental health. Don’t have stress or anxiety? That’s perfect. These simple habits/remedies can help your body to relax and live in the moment more. Let’s get to it!

Diaphragmatic Breathing

I’m mentioning diaphragmatic breathing first for a reason. This practice is so important and beneficial to relaxing. I’m linking an article to show you how to correctly do diaphragmatic breathing, but you can basically do this anywhere. I have done this exercise in the car, shopping and, believe or not, exercising. It’s super simple, all you have to do is when you breathe in keep your chest stationary, and start to expand your stomach outward. Once you have inhaled completely, exhale and start to bring your belly button as close to your spine as you can. You just did diaphragmatic breathing. How do you feel? I’m sure it feels like a bit of work in the beginning, but if you keep practicing, I promise your stress will start to relax and wither away. It’s all about your breath.

Grounding Exercises

This next tip goes hand in hand with diaphragmatic breathing. Once you can master these two exercises together, you are unstoppable. Nothing will be able to break you. Let me show you how to ground yourself because we can all be in our heads way too much. Your senses are very important to grounding. What are our senses? Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Grounding is simple. Name 2 or 3 things you can touch. Now do the same with sight and hearing. It may be a bit more difficult for smell and taste. Unless you are eating or actually can smell a couple of scents. The only thoughts you should be having is actively thinking about the number of things you can touch, see and hear. Think of this as a type of meditation. Meditation can come in many different forms. Journaling is also a different form of meditation. I try to journal every day, but life gets in the way sometimes. When I’m consistent, my mind is grounded and my negative thinking is at it’s lowest. I have 6 sections of thoughts in my journal. Gratefulness, goals, workouts, moods, inspirations, and random thoughts. I love jotting down what I’m grateful for and all of my goals and inspirations. It reminds me to slow down and think about the dreams I want to make come true. As you can see, meditation can be done anywhere and anyhow, you don’t have to sit on the floor with your hands on your knees to be grounded and mindful. Another great technique is aromatherapy. I’m a big believer in aromatherapy. I have oil diffusers everywhere. My bedroom and my office. There’s something about smelling a nice relaxing scent to calm your nerves.

Eating Healthy and Intuitive Eating

Eating healthy is so important to your mental health. Think about it, if you are putting good nutritional food into your body, you are nourishing your mind, body and soul. Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as nuts, leafy greens and fruits. Here is an article about anti-inflammatory foods from Harvard University. Personally, I’ve been limiting my intake of dairy products, and this has helped my skin and digestive system. You don’t have to eliminate dairy completely unless, of course, you are lactose intolerant, but just by incorporating this a few days a week will do wonders to your overall health. Now, what is intuitive eating? Intuitive eating is being mindful with what you put in your body and how much. Example, if you are full, stop eating. I know, this will take practice because, if you are like me, it’s hard to stop eating super delicious foods even when I’m full. I also need to work on this. 🙂


Exercise is crucial for a healthy mind and body. Moving our body creates endorphins. These polypeptides help your body deal with stress and reduces pain, which increases your dopamine production. Exercising can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood. You don’t have to start running a marathon to reap the benefits of exercising. So get out there, it’s science.

Create Your Own Sunshine

So many of us do not live in place where the sun comes up at a decent hour and sets at a normal time. I have read so many articles where getting out in the sunshine relieves stress and anxiety. What if you live in a place where it’s impossible to go outside and get that daily dose of Vitamin D? Well, buy some supplemental Vitamin D, and create your own sunshine. What does this actually mean? This could mean anything. I’ll give you an example, I put down all devices and social media, and I turn on some easy listening music. Any type of music that relaxes you, put it on. Now do some light cleaning, and while you are cleaning ground yourself. Start breathing slowly and live in the moment. Don’t think about your past or your future. Just the here and now. By doing this, you are meditating and being productive. You will feel so much better. You just created your own sunshine! Another example would be lighting a candle and, again, listening to some music while you are cooking. While you are cooking, make some hot herbal tea. My favorite is ginger. Doesn’t matter what kind, just so it’s caffeine free. You want to relax not be alert. 🙂

Social Media

Another way to relieve stress and anxiety is to not post on social media about your personal life and the inner workings of your relationship with your partner. By not posting about your personal life, the opportunity is never there for people to comment and judge the way you live. I promise this will be beneficial to your life, and will create more happiness. People can be so mean online, and by doing this you are controlling the comments.

Nighttime Routine

Lastly, have a dedicated nighttime routine. This will send a signal to your brain that it’s time for bed. This is my routine: Whenever we are ready to go to bed, I turn on my oil diffuser and let the scent spread throughout the room. I take my multi-vitamins, a probiotic, and a relaxing herbal supplement. Such as valerian, melatonin, and/or passion flower drops. Don’t forget your teeth and skincare. 🙂 I now lay in bed and rub my hands with an aromatic lotion. By smelling the same scent before bedtime, this triggers the brain to relax and become ready for sleep. Drink some warm relaxing herbal tea. You will feel so cozy! Remember, your nightly routine does not have to look just like this. Figure out what you like, and your body will respond.

There are many different ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Remember, there is no cure for anxiety, it’s all about how you manage it. Just by incorporating a couple of these habits daily could help you defeat the symptoms of stress and anxiety. I know the world is a scary place, and sometimes our feelings can seem uncontrollable. I promise you that feelings are fleeting and you are ALWAYS in control. And you are so brave. Just by combatting your stress and anxiety makes you incredibly brave.

I would love to hear from you! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. Just search for Winey Chef. What are some habits you all do to relax? Leave a comment and let me know!

Remember, you are brave.

With so much love,

Winey Chef

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Hi! I’m Renee, aka “Winey Chef”, I enjoy sharing my love of food, drink, and healthy lifestyle choices for the every day gal. I am an Air Force military spouse trying to find my way through this crazy life, but also taking time to stop and enjoy this bizarre journey. Welcome to my table! Sit down and let’s chat over a glass of wine.

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Relieve Stress

  1. I agree with you. I cannot get myself to meditate but physical excercise helps me a lot to clear my head.I also agree that scents are doing wonders to relax. Scented candles,a nice smelling body lotion or a shampoo and I am already calmer,even if just a while.

    1. Kate,

      Hi! Yes, absolutely. Exercise is such an amazing way to relax. And scents help me soo much! As I get older, I find myself liking more of the woodsy and cologne scents in candles and lotion. I love it! Lol! I’m so glad you could relate to this post. I hope you have an amazing day!

      Many blessings,
      Winey Chef

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