Beer Review: Skilak Scottish Ale

Happy April Fools you guys!

In our house it’s drink beer all day day. It’s not a secret we live in Alaska. Alaska is surprisingly a huge hub of culinary goodness and brewing craftsmanship. There are so many breweries that are within driving distance of our home, and we’ve only been to a handful of them. My absolute favorite brewery is Denali Brewing Co. located in Talkeetna, AK. That will be a different story for another time.

Today is Saturday, and it’s a day of fun. We made our way to Fred Meyer because my husband wanted to walk around and people watch. It seems like I find myself in this store a lot. I mentioned that I wanted to try a different Alaskan beer. One that we have never tried. I found this little beauty looking in the Alaskan section of the beer area. The Scottish Ale caught my eye because I love dark beers that have complex flavors and profiles. Last week we went to a brewery in Eagle River, and they had a Scottish Ale on tap. I tried the beer, and it tasted amazing. It actually reminded me of a Texas beer called Zeigen Bock made in Houston. I had to try this Skilak Scottish Ale from Kenai River Brewing Co.

Wrapping my thoughts:  Skilak Scottish Ale was very complex, yet surprisingly light for a dark mocha-like beer. The beer is advertised:

Our dark beer amber beer pours with a light beige head. An aroma of smooth malt is matched by a mouthful of deep, roasted malt flavor with a hint of smoky background. It ends long and smooth with a sweet malt finish.

They were right on the money with this one. When tasting the beer the roasted malt flavor is heavy in the beginning, then the smoke flavor shines through towards the end of the flavor spectrum time frame. I should add though it’s a light dark beer, it’s still heavy with the consistency and quite syrupy. There are also notes of dark roasted coffee and velvety chocolate. If you like dark smooth beers, this is the one for you. Try it out!

Recommendations:  This Skilak Scottish Ale from Kenai River Brewing Co. reminds me of a dark rich stout. If you find yourself craving a deep dark decadent beer, then a stout is the route to go. Try the Chuli Stout from Denali Brewing Co. The Chuli Stout closely resembles this Skilak Scottish Ale, but of course the ale is much lighter. Think of them as long lost cousins who have found each other after 20 years of being a part.

Drink the beer, never save it for the horses.

Your go-to guru,

Winey Chef aka Renee Morgan

Last Call:  Never funnel a beer, silly. Chug responsibly.

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Hi! I’m Renee, aka “Winey Chef”, I enjoy sharing my love of food, drink, and healthy lifestyle choices for the every day gal. I am an Air Force military spouse trying to find my way through this crazy life, but also taking time to stop and enjoy this bizarre journey. Welcome to my table! Sit down and let’s chat over a glass of wine.

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